Working in a team on networks

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In MyNetworkmap you can create additional users for your organization or company. These users can then work together to create and edit actors, relationships, and network maps.

Set up additional accounts

Please log in to MyNetworkmap.

If you are the first user (administrator), then you are automatically authorized to set up further accounts.

In order to be able to set up further user accounts, please first enter the address data of your organisation:

Please click on "Organisation and Team".

Now enter the data of your organisation / company.

(If you are a private person, please leave the first field "Organisation name" empty.)

Then click on "Save".


Now you can set up further accesses:

Please enter the desired number of accesses in the input field under "Reserved team accesses".

The monthly costs are automatically calculated and displayed.

If you then click on "Order now", the order will be executed and the accesses will be set up immediately.

The accesses that have been set up appear further down as input fields.

Each access can now be assigned a user by e-mail invitation:

Invite a user
In the input fields below "Reserved team accesses and team members", please enter the e-mail address of the respective user who is to receive access.

Then click on "Send invitation email now". An invitation email will then be sent to the user. The user can log in to MyNetworkmap via this invitation email.

Remove a user
You can remove a user by clicking on the button "Remove user now" next to the input field with the e-mail address of the user. All data entered by the user is retained and can be viewed and edited by other users.

(If a user has been removed, access is free again. You can use this access immediately for another, new user.)

Delete an access
You can delete an access by clicking on the "Delete access" button next to the respective input field.